Promoting Under the Influence: 9 Drunk Interviews From the Stars

It's been a rough month for Bruce Willis, substance-wise. While promoting Cop Out on Good Morning America last month, the blazed actor could barely keep his eyes open for Robin Roberts. And then just last night, a journalist ran down the smashed actor at the Hornets/Lakers game, shoved a microphone in his face and asked him about March Madness and New Orleans music. Can't a world-famous celebrity enjoy a night of boozy revelry without a follow-up interview?

After the jump, Movieline recalls a few other stars who didn't let a little thing like promotional obligations get in the way of a good buzz.

9. Bruce Willis, Good Morning America (2010)

The Cop Out star was so out of it when he visited the ABC set to plug his film last month that Robin Roberts felt the need to cover for him ("So you said you normally just stay up all night when you do a morning program?") and promptly cut him off after he started rambling on about a Karl Urban a**-beating.

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  • Joe Woods says:

    LOL, Bruce Willis, clearly a big party animal!

  • Ms Scrappy says:

    I don't think Ben Affleck is drunk. Anne Marie Loisque has interviewed him many,many times. He acted that way almost every time. I didn't watch the clip is it the one where he puts his hand up her shirt. Drunk? No. Horny? Yes.

  • Hans says:

    Ben wasn't "sexually harrassing her"..she was obviously enjoying it.

  • Pachanga says:

    I'm sure, this will help Ben's political asperations. Mr.High and Mighty will not talk to TMZ,but he will grope a women on television. These people consider themselves morally superior to us?

  • marahnatha says:

    Bruce Willis said the same thing about Demi Moore, how "deliriously
    happy" they were. None of these people are ever truly happy. I wish we could stick with the 9/11 spirit & realize few of these people are anything to look up to. Alfred Hitchcock said actors are like cattle. From what I've seen, they're more like brine shrimp.

  • marahnatha says:

    The only thing phonier than Ben Afflicted's "love" for LowJo is his "love" for current wife Jennifer. He couldn't be more detached. He never has anything but a blank expression even when he's carrying his little girl. His wife is all cheerful & glowing & he's like a block of concrete. I hope she wakes up before she has another two kids.

  • Blaiyan says:

    I really enjoyed the John Stamos and Tracy Morgan Interviews. The regular interviews are so hard to watch. Bruce Willis is cool. Whatever that show is, stop talking to people early in the morning (especially busy ones) on your entertainment news show and expect them to be Jumping with Joy. You want them to fake being happy? Pay them an actors fee.

  • It is amusing to notice the way all of these individuals would like to foresee the ruin of the lakers if they lose two or three meaningless basketball games. They are the current champions as well as the top rated seed for the western conference. If they have Phil they'll out coach the competition and Kobe definitely will perform just like he constantly does. Prepare for one more title in laker land.

  • comment anonymously says:

    Bruce Willis Drunk? Not... I watched the entire show, it has been butchered here i.e. cut from scene to scene. The guy was tired, P-E-R-I-O-D. This is one of the most shameful things I have ever seen Movieline do, really changes my outlook of this source.

  • Mistress_Lola says:

    Awwww... Joe Namath is cute!
    I don't understand why he would be ashamed of himself. People get drunk and act stupid, it happens all the time, and he's only human. Besides, it was funny! I don't think he has anything to apologize for. If that reporter broad had a problem with him or his actions, than she needs to grow a sense of humor!

  • andrew says:

    The lakers are definitely one of my favorite teams. i can never wait to see what happens with them next

  • so many fouls on all 3 games. Hope game 4 the refs will let the the players play more... its the Finals man

  • Funny, I actually had this on my mind a few days ago and now I come across your blog.