New A-Team Trailer Increases Nostalgia Factor by Roughly 300%


Remember the A-Team teaser from a couple months ago? The one introducing us to the revival of the beloved '80s-TV mercenaries, adapted to slicker, more contemporary and/or insanely expensive action-film tropes? If so, the new trailer that premiered this morning will help flesh out the dimensions of that nostalgia trip. If not, you're in for a treat! A bombastic, plotless, oversharing treat, but a delicious one nevertheless.

Of all the explosions and one-liners and appeals upon appeals to the 14-year-old boys in the viewing audience, the new trailer features no cannier move than to emerge a day after The Expendables trailer exposed us to the more grizzled side of mercenary living. Fox clearly will not be outshone by some glorified Sylvester Stallone B-movie, and nor will The A-Team's smirking ensemble allow the more grizzled genre pros to usurp their birthrights to summer tentpole glory.

That said, it seems like there's a little too much here -- too many set pieces given away, too many '80s callbacks hinted at... I mean, if you're going make the symbolic effort of [SPOILER ALERT] destroying B.A. Baracus's van as if to start the franchise anew, why tell me before you have my money? It's not a new problem by any means, but come on, Hollywood: Save something for the theater. Because of course we're going.



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