Hollywood Ink: Leonardo DiCaprio Linked to Yet Another Oscar-Winner


· Leonardo DiCaprio's calendar looks messier and messier by the hour. Literally: Not long after the actor was reported to be playing J. Edgar Hoover in Clint Eastwood's biopic of the FBI founder, along comes Oliver Stone to toss his adaptation of the Travis McGee detective novels -- with DiCaprio supposedly attached -- on top of the pile. Add to this Mel Gibson's Viking epic to end all Viking epics, and it might be time to add "VACATION" in the datebook somewhere in mid-2011. [THR]

A Harry Crowne rumor confirmed, Paul Greengrass mulls Fantastic Voyage (!), and more Hollywood Ink after the jump.

· The wordless Harry Crowne casting notice passed along by co-writer/director/star Tom Hanks has had one of its stars officially confirmed: Bryan Cranston is in as Julia Roberts's husband, described as a "blogger who spends most of his time looking at porn." Ha! As if there's any other kind. [THR]

· I'm not sure what happened to original writer-director Shane Salerno, but now it appears that latter-era Bourne shepherd and Green Zone tankee Paul Greengrass could bring his shaky-cam to Fantastic Voyage, the James Cameron-produced remake of the cult classic about a team of scientists miniaturized and injected into a dying Soviet defector's body. I suppose this means Matt Damon would star. Just a guess. [THR]

· While director Cary Fukunaga gave us a heads-up of what to expect from his Jane Eyre adaptation, there is evidently a lot more Brontë sisters where that came from. [Deadline]

· Toni Collette and Ioan Gruffudd will star in Foster as a married couple whose son is killed, and who then encounter a strange young man who one day shows up unannounced at their door. Something like a spoiler follows at the link, but if it's anything like the film it references, you'll see the twist coming a mile away. [Deadline]