Alex Pettyfer Declares I Am Number Four


Who is Alex Pettyfer? All of the following: a 19-year-old British actor whose biggest credit is the British flop Stormbreaker, the ex-boyfriend of actress Emma Roberts, the lead in the upcoming "Mary-Kate Olsen is a witch" fantasy Beastly, the muse to photographer Greg Gorman (NSFW!), and this week, the man cast in the coveted title role of the DJ Caruso-directed sci-fi epic I Am Number Four. And now you know! [Variety]


  • TodaywasaFairytale says:

    I am sorry but quite a lot of people know who Alex Pettyfer is, although most of them may be teenage girls and why TF does it even matter that he is not as well known as some overpaid celebrities who have never done anything good in life apart from appear on reality TV shows and people like Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner are only well known because they have appeared in Twilight which is a massive hit with teenage girls, before that, practically no one knew them!
    Anyway even if Stormbreaker was a flop, some people still enjoy it so it's not his fault if he is not as famous because the director wasn't good! He's also been in Wild Child and Tormented. And actually he seems like a nice person compared to some celebs, and he doesn't cheat on his girlfriends like COUGH EMMA ROBERTS COUGH did to him! DON'T WORRY ALEX I THINK YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL AND WONDERFUL SO DON'T LISTEN TO ANYONE WHO IS MEAN, THEY HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THEY ARE TALKING ABOUT! They probably don't even know you - just carry on doing what you enjoy.

  • Beastlyfan10 says:

    Omg I totally agree, everyone is always being mean to Alex saying he's arrogant and everything but really he is just being witty and funny and how do they even know what he's like! But there's always someone who hate s you isn't there? I CAN'T WAIT FOR BEASTLY, although I have read the book and I think the film might not be good but I love Alex and Beastly so I am DEFINITELY going to see it, even if they wreck it. 🙂 🙂 He is so fit seriously beats Taylor Lautner but Taylor has lost his 6 pack :O I hope Alex is in loads more movies soon 😀

  • sweetbiscuit says:


  • ILUVTAY says:

    Why are saying WTH?

  • Peachy says:

    I like Alex - he's not the best actor in the world but he has done good movies. I liked Stormbreaker, Wild Child, Tormented, and I think Beastly looks good too.
    Plus I think he is gorgeous!! His smile is incredible, and from the videos I've seen on Youtube of him, he seems like a down-to-earth person. Then again, I don't know him and I probably never will meet him, but I don't judge people I've never met, unless there's a strong reason to.
    Any girl who cheats on the boy who loves them is a bitch. I can't judge Emma Roberts but he tattooed her initials on his finger for her and she broke his heart. I feel sorry for him and what a horrible thing Emma did to him!