Watch the Entirety of Step Up 3D in 10 Simple Screengrabs

Gather 'round, everybody -- I've got a very special edition of The Two-Minute Verdict for you today. In this installment let's all have a look at the new trailer for Step Up 3D, the third film in the popular dance-crew/romance franchise that helped launch Channing Tatum and The Proposal director Anne Fletcher into their respective big new careers. Now you can get to know tomorrow's stars today all over again -- and in about one minute flat -- with this handy 10-frame glimpse of raw talent at work. And the trailer is embedded as well in case you do in fact want to see any of them, like, move. Honestly, the floating Icee streams aren't quite the same without that, but you make the call.






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  • NP says:

    Well the shirtless, stoned looking slice of beefcake is kind of nice, but otherwise... Hm. Yeah.
    So I was looking at Jon M. Chu's IMDB page. Well, actually there he's just called Jon Chu. He did the cinematography for a movie called _Killing Babies_.

  • OldTowneTavern says:

    In some of these clips it looks like Ashton Kutcher is making out with a brunette Mary Stuart Masterson who just escaped from a John Hughes hot tub time machine.

  • el smrtmnky says:

    dancing brings people together? well, i'm sure the UN is prepping their peacekeeping freedance forces to darfur

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