Virtual Newsstand:, March 2010

March 2010


The Teen Queens of Noise
Dakota Fanning and Kristen Stewart are teenage movie stars. Let them school you.

Double the Pleasure
Edward Norton talks about his Leaves of Grass costar...Edward Norton.

Down Under, On His Way Up
Aussie newcomer Liam Hemsworth is more than arm candy for Miley Cyrus.

Great Greta
Greta Gerwig moves past mumblecore to become Hollywood's new ingenue.

Splitting the Atom
Atom Egoyan reveals the secrets of his erotic thriller Chloe.

Runaway with Him
Michael Shannon is every director's favorite actor. Here's why.

Skate or Die
Johnny Weir is an Olympic skater, reality star, and celebrity. Which does he prefer?

New Blood
Young star Chloe Moretz dishes on the ultraviolent Kick-Ass.

No Man is an Island
Andy Garcia on City Island and the lost Godfather IV.

Quoth de Ravin
Remember Emilie de Ravin? She's back on the scene with Lost and Remember Me.

The Perfect Host
Bong Joon-ho's new film Mother is a foreign treat.

The Lady Eve
Alice Eve is the bombshell in She's Out of My League, and she's a little bit over it.

Dark Night of the Soul
Pierce Brosnan on how The Greatest tapped into a terrifying night he'll never forget

V, V Good
Joel Gretsch on V's 'wow moments' and his sci-fi resume


Who's Sorry Now?
5 Recent Films For Which We Really Deserve Screenwriter Apologies

On Writing
David Mamet's Master Class Memo to the Writers of The Unit

Tweet Feat
Miley Cyrus Tells Movieline Why She Left Twitter: 'It's Dangerous, It's Not Fun, It Wastes Your Life'

I'm So Unhappy For You, Honey
Does a Best Actress Oscar Lead to Divorce?

Pay to Play
The 9 Most Memorable Paycheck Roles in Modern Cinema

Red, Black, and Blue
AUDIO: Megan Mullally on Jay Leno: 'Could It Be Any More Bald-Faced That He's Going After the Red States?'

A Famous Friend in Need...
When the Critic Met the Star: A Movieline Ethics Seminar

The Twilight of Their Lives
Handicapping the Breaking Dawn Director Sweepstakes

Changing Faces
Do We Know What a Best Picture Winner Looks Like Anymore?

The Retroactive Abortion Heard 'Round the World
Getting to the Bottom of the Great Armond White/Greenberg Meltdown of 2010

R-Pattz Under the Wire
How Did Robert Pattinson's New Film Avoid an R-Rating? The Director Explains

You Better Work
5 Fabulous Traits That Qualify RuPaul's Drag Race for TV's Best Reality Competition

Harvey Did It
Say Whaaaa? Special Edition: Analyzing the Crazy Basterds' Oscar Finale

Mugging for the Camera
The 9 Best Julia Roberts Faces From the Eat, Pray, Love Trailer

We Have to Go the Drawing Board
5 Lost Ripoffs That Failed or Flailed

Back Where He Belongs
It's The Return of the Hollywood Kid, With Your Host: The Legendary Michael Musto!

It Ain't Just the Trannies Who are Ticked-Off
GLAAD Mounts Censorship Campaign Over Tribeca Fest Transploitation Flick

4 Easy Ways to Save Your Straggling Reality-Competition Series With American Gladiators Stunts

The Ghost Whisperer
Heidi Montag's Psychic Manager Tells Movieline: 'Gene Kelly Supports Heidi from His Grave'

Idol Chatter
The 12 Dumbest Comments to Date from This Season's American Idol Judges


In Theaters


Hot Tub Time Machine

The Bounty Hunter


The Runaways

She's Out of My League

Remember Me

Green Zone

Brooklyn's Finest

Alice in Wonderland

An Alan Smithee Column: By Mark Lisanti

James Cameron Apologizes For Writing The 'Awesomest' Movie Of All Time -- Sorry!

Five Guesses About the Top Secret Plot of Paranormal Activity 2

Some Helpful Advice For Jay Leno On His First Night Back At The Tonight Show

Handicapping the American Idol Top 12

The Only Oscar Preview Infographic You Need

5 Lessons We Learned From Last Night's Oscars

Bad Movies We Love

Old Captain, My Captain! Matt Salinger Is Your First Movie Captain America!

Happy 70th, Chuck Norris! Celebrating Silent Rage, the Action Star's Wildest Kick

Remembering 1966's The Oscar: Just As Cheese-Filled As the Real Thing

Revisiting Gone With the Pope, the Exploitation Jewel with an Unlikely Oscar Twist

Moment of Truth: Movieline's Doc Spotlight

Waking Sleeping Beauty Goes Behind Closed Doors at Disney

Eddie Izzard Now Available In Convenient Doc Form

2010's Oscar-Nominated Documentarians Talk to Movieline