Overheard Overnight: Anna Faris Is Your New Private Benjamin


· Our goodwill toward Anna Faris is based on her usually being the funniest and cutest thing in comedies that range from the merely mediocre (Waiting, Just Friends) to the crushingly awful (The House Bunny, take your pick of the Scary Movie franchise), along with those occasionally credible supporting parts (Brokeback Mountain, Lost In Translation). Now, though, our love will be put to the test in a remake of Private Benjamin. Sure, she suits the role and has goofball charm to burn but can she improve on Goldie Hawn's Oscar-nominated performance?

· Plus, after the jump: James Bond matched with Lady Gaga, miners find Avatar a little insulting, and The Hurt Locker's explosive Nicolas Chartier gets ready for an Oscar rematch.


· Sensitive real-world mining executives say they're pissed at the way their evil, rapacious ways are mis-represented in Avatar. See, they'd never wear ties like Giovanni Ribisi's eyesore or let $450,000 worth of sweet, sweet Unobtanium go to waste as an expository device/desk toy.

· Up In The Air co-writer Sheldon Turner is to make his directorial debut with revenge flick By Virtue Fall. The Hurt Locker's Nicolas Chartier is financing, producing and crafting emails hating on whatever else is in Oscar contention in '12.

· Lady Gaga is reportedly in negotiations to sing the next Bond-film theme song. Damn her anonymity in 2006 because Poker Face would really have captured the vibe of Casino Royale.


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