'Line, Please!' Help Us Caption Three New Photos from Eclipse

We're T-minus three months away from the opening of The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, whose imminent storm has already begun to stir the tranquil surfaces of the world's estrogen seas. A particularly powerful gust arrived this morning when Summit fired off three new stills from the film -- none of which arrived with any real context or background, but all of which nevertheless stoke the imagination into that enduring Twilight-ian headspace of, "What the hell is that about?" Lucky for Movieline, that's where you come in.

Obviously, Taylor Lautner is struggling with his lines above, but the stills below are a little less transparent. Give all of them your best shot; we can't get through this long countdown without you.




  • jt says:

    Top photo -
    Rob and K wait and wait for Taylor to deliver his line. Thinking "come on Taylor you can do it."
    Rob thinks - "Great, we'll be here until the sun goes down and I'll just be a fleck of diamonds"
    Photo two -
    Taylor Lautner watches enviously as Rob Patz delivers his lines with ease in one take, wishing he could be just like him
    photo 3 -
    Stand back Taylor Lautner just delivered his line, we don't need to group hug him yet

  • rb says:

    Top photo-
    Jacob- Can I get a ride? I promise not to stick my head out the window again.
    Middle photo-
    Bella- You're right, Jacob. Vampires do put off a nice glow when you stake them.
    Bottom photo-
    Carlyle- I never expected a shark in this river. But hey, let's just jump it on three.

  • Martini Shark says:

    Bella thinks his silence is a sign of deep introspection while it is really a sign he is contemplating when would be the best time to impress her with the line about him being Shark Boy.

  • Old No.7 says:

    All I see is a bunch of paper sacks that these retards are trying to act their way out of.

  • HwoodHills says:

    1. "No, dude...I do NOT have any lip gloss you can borrow."
    2. Awkward moment of silence after Bella tells Dog Boy his "'pink thing's' kinda creepy."
    3. "When you're a Jet, you're a Jet all the way..."

  • Oblithian says:

    1. So guys lets just do this movie and pretend it never happened.
    2. bella: "I wonder if my career will survive this" dude: "of course it won't. we're catering to a mainly female audience, and they find me attractive, no one watches these lame movies for the plot"
    3. Wait Girls, you have to resist!

  • anon says:

    Photo One.. "Lets ditch the girl and go make out.. you know you want to big boy"
    Photo Two... "God your boring"
    Photo Three.. "Hold my Hand.. I'm scared of the woods.. group hug??"

  • Dave says:

    pic 1. No, I'm the girl, he's the boy.
    pic 2. The fire is so beautiful. It reminds me of my last boyfriend.
    pic 3. Hold it! The writers have run out of fresh ideas.

  • curley howard says:

    Picture 1 - Hey!dude work out and build up some deltoids, so we can actually read what's on that tattoo.
    Picture 2 - Heck No! That's not the smoke monster, is it.
    Picture 3 - You got to be kidding, is that my parents making out in the sand?

  • The Winchester says:

    Picture 1: "Alright Pattinson, but if you screw me on this, I'll make sure that you are the one who remembers ME!"
    2: "Wait, YOU'RE the Sharkboy!?!?"
    3: Wesley Snipes sheds a single tear realizing what Day-walking vampires have become.

  • hotclaws says:

    #3 is a new Gap ad I think.These vampires have no style whatsoever.

  • SWall says:

    1. Bella - (frustrated) "Come on guys; a staring contest won't settle this."
    2. Belle - (in awe) "That really IS the prefect roasted marshmallow."
    3. Carlisle - (nervous) "Don't move. Maybe they didn't see us." (irritated) "Alice! I said DARKwash!"

  • Nobody in particular says:

    Top photo:
    "No, dude. It's not a tattoo. I passed out on a waffle iron at the party last night."
    Middle photo:
    Her: "Oh my god... I think he's going to propose to me!"
    Him: "I wonder when she'll leave, so I can watch 'Brokeback Mountain' again."
    Bottom photo:
    "Hold it, everybody... Werewolf poop."

  • Twishite Fan says:

    Pic 1:
    Jacob: You're both in incredible danger and should leave now
    Edward: I'll give my life for Bella.
    Bella: oohh shiny ... sorry guys I wasn't listening
    Pic 2:
    Edward (out of shot): And that ladies and ... Bella, is how you light your own fart without catching your pants!
    Jacob: He's actually very good.
    Pic 3:
    Carlyle: Oh my god look! It's Sookie Stackhouse and Bill Compton doing what they do best!
    Alice: He's quite flexible really ...

  • bizzi says:

    Nikki Reed chats about filming The Twilight Saga: Eclipse in Vancouver. Plus, Nikki tells us how scary it is to perform Shakespeare with Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson at the 20th Anniversary of the Simply Shakespeare fundraiser in Santa Monica.

  • Dee says:

    Photo 1 :
    Edward to Jacob: "You bought an Ensell ?? "
    Bella trying to look interested and thinking: "Whats one of those??"
    Photo 2 :
    Bella thinking: "I wonder if I could fart and get away with it ??"
    Jacob thinks : "God she`s boring, I wish she would go home so I can join my friends at the bar"
    Photo 3 :
    Carlise: " NO !! I called dibs for first go on the rope swing !!"

  • Jeff Longeddy says:

    Photo one: Things got quiet and creepy after Taylor Lautner said that he had read the complete Twilight Anthology! (Twice!!)
    Photo two: Taylor Lautner is pensive as they watch the complete Twilight Anthology burn. (Nicely too!!)
    Photo three: WAIT! Crikey! They are both pouring gasoline on a pile of books! WTF????

  • Jeff Longeddy says:

    Photo one: Jacob was just marking his territory, Edward and Bella were not happy campers! (Not happy at all!)
    Photo two: Jacob and Bella are surprised when Edward uses torches to dance the Hokey Pokey!( Ya remember..put your left foot out..)
    Photo three: Whoa!!, I mean WHOA!! "Why is Edward putting his left foot out and shaking it all about? It's Jacob, I'll bet he is still marking his territory! (They ended up throwing some stones at Edward!)

  • C. L. says:

    Photo three: Stop! I think this is where the green screen ends.

  • unang says:

    1. Jacob: Can I tough you Eddiekins?
    Edward and Bella: What?
    2. Bella: I wish Edward were here.
    Jacob: Yeah. I need a cuddle buddy.
    3. Alice: Edward and Jacob should be riiiiiiight.... there.
    Carlisle: I knew it! And Bella's nowhere in sight.
    Esme: Wow. I didn't know he could take that.