Late Night Highlights: Luke Wilson Recalls Tracy Morgan's On-Set Antics and the G. Lo-LiLo Feud Stagnates

Apparently, Lopez Tonight's first 300 jokes delivered at the expense of Lindsay Lohan were acceptable -- even when they increased frequency during the Vancouver Olympics ("The only other American female used to falling into as much powder as Lindsey Vonn is Lindsay Lohan. ¡Ay, caramba!") -- but the 301st joke Lopez made on Monday night incited the starlet's wrath. While waiting for Lohan to work up the courage to settle the feud on-air with a chola makeover, Lopez switched his aim last night to Ricky Martin. Those jabs, as well as the other moments you missed last while autotuning your Glee audition, after the jump.

6. Getting to Know Thomas Haden Church

The Don McKay star stopped by the Tonight Show last night to rib Joy Behar and share a touching tale about a very special deer on his ranch named Sissy.

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