Kelsey Grammer Breaks Record For Cheapest Hollywood Lawsuit Settlement Ever


Everyone in Hollywood is scaling back these days. And good luck finding a more stunning example of this development than in the annals of celebrity jurisprudence, where Kelsey Grammer on Tuesday settled a lawsuit brought by a screenwriter who says the actor stole the idea for his 2008 political comedy Swing Vote. Remember that one? With Kevin Costner representing the deciding vote in the presidential election, and Grammer as the incumbent GOP commander-in-chief seeking his support? All right, me neither. But that doesn't mean it's not worth a huge two-figure settlement to someone.

After Grammer's lawyers beat down Bradley Blakeman's allegations that the actor and his co-defendants had lifted the story from Blakeman's script Go November, the aggrieved screenwriter agreed to be bought off for $10. That is not a typo: For the low, low price of $10, you can now settle a lawsuit with an angry scribe and move on with your life.

Grammer's attorney emphasized that Blakeman "basically got nothing," adding that "[l]awyers just like to have nominal sums in there for whatever reason." Indeed. I think it's called "lunch."

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  • HwoodHills says:

    That means the guy still owes his lawyer $5k (after his 40% settlement fee and associated billing costs.)

  • Haliwell Hobbs says:

    ALL Laywers are theives, bloodsuckers, liars and double talkers. They should all be thrown in prison where they belong with the rest of the crooks. Have a nice day. HH