Kate Needs You


After divorcing and reconciling on Monday's teary Dancing with the Stars, Kate Gosselin and her partner, Tony Dovoloni, are still hoping to convince viewers that their fractured partnership deserves votes. Kate explained to the Hollywood Insider this morning that her squabble was driven out of the fear that her sub-par jive skills would send her home. Her partner, meanwhile, explains that viewers should connect with Kate as she "represents the everyday person" among the show's stars. Pity votes, anyone? [EW]


  • concerned parent says:

    Kate is awful and should be banned from Television. She has anger issues and verbally abuses people. Look what she did to her husband. I believe that she drove him away. I can not imagine her as her previous career as a nurse. She shows little to no compansion. I feel for her children - they will take after her as she is their role model of a woman, wife and mother - Ugh.

  • patti says:

    Kate isn't a dancer, but then, neither is Buzz Aldren. She is pretty but out of her league and I think she knows it. Having said that, those routines are very tough, speaking from someone that danced many years ago.

  • sam says:

    I applaud Kate for setting high standards not only for herself but her family. Yes she may be a bit difficult at times but what right do we have to judge another person's personality....who they are? I am sure we all have personality traits we would love to change......I know I do!!!! John Goslin knew who he was marrying when he said "I Do" he is pathetic and rather than stand up on his own two slippers and put her in her place and be heard he chose to play the "poor me" roll and get out while the bank account was fat! He's a joke. You go Kate!