G. Lo-Lilo Summit


Only a day after starting a Twitter feud with George Lopez, Lindsay Lohan has agreed to appear on the comedian's TBS show on Tuesday to discuss the joke he made about white powder on her shoes. Lopez confirmed the booking on his Twitter feed: "Here's the latest @lindsaylohan is scheduled to appear on Lopez Tonight next tuesday .. Chill !" [@georgelopez]


  • Joe B. says:

    Not that it's the issue at hand, but George Lopez knows as much about interviewing people on TV as I know about ...
    1) Lawnmower maintenance
    2) Particle Physics
    3) Inflammation of the gladis
    4) Cramindolizing
    5) Shurrepition
    Three of these things don't even exist, I just made them up.
    Meaning ... George Lopez needs to actually talk to his guests instead of just making sounds in the right places.