Dancing with the Stars: Elimination Devastation


Dancing with the Stars's first castoff proves just how cockamamie the voting public is. It wasn't the lowest-scoring or even lowest-potential contestant who won a stiletto kick to the curb, but a middle-pack contender who'd done nothing to offend us so far. Which isn't to say we'd have never been offended. That was around the bend, to be sure. At any rate, let's mourn the lost jive-stepping soul after the jump.


Shannen Doherty? Really? I mean, she wasn't my vote to swoop up America's adoration like a robber baron, but I expected her to live another five weeks. Now her father can begin shedding tears of rage. I want red contact lenses in, Mr. Doherty!

We need to take Shannen's early demise (and Pamela Anderson's bottom-two standing!) as impetus to call in for middle-of-the-pack performers who deserve to survive over say, special learner Kate Gosselin. Are you happy, dialing public? Right. Charmed, I'm sure.


  • clela says:

    I am a fanatic fan of Dancing with the Stars. But, if they continue to hold out people like Kate Gosslen as a 'star', my days of watching are over. It is an offense to she her get more publicity than she already does and to watch her whining and degrading attitude toward Tony. I am sick of Jack the Bachelor - what did he ever do that I would be interested in him or call him a 'star'. Do people who watch this show care anything about the art of dance at all? For God's sake - the judges give you a pretty blatant clue. Last years star list included a fading politician who is under indictment. WHY?

  • stretch65 says:

    Nicey looks uncomfortable dancing - but I still love her...

  • Old No.7 says:

    How is this surprising? Shannon gets kicked off early from every show she's ever been on.

  • Yvette Gutfreund says:

    Bruno should be voted off, he is a grandstanding unproffesional buffoon.
    Also why isn't Kate Goslin voted off?? This is a dance competion not a "pity for her party "!!!