23 Questions About Lost Episode 610, "The Package," Answered!

Previously on Lost: Sawyer plays a record, sadly. Sayid returns from the dead. Kate seems useless. Ilana makes Ben dig his own grave, then doesn't make him climb in. Richard experiences existential despair, applies more eyeliner. Jack smashes some mirrors in the lighthouse out of fear and frustration. Desmond types a string of numbers into an old computer deep inside an underground bunker to stop some unknown "bad" thing from happening. A plane crashes on a mysterious island. A network exec approves a show about a plane crashing on a mysterious island.

Please join us, if you will, as we finally fling open the Door of Questions on the Lost submarine and release the Answers within for this week's episode:

So is the "cork" still in the "bottle"?

It would appear that way. For now.

And the island is the "cork," but the "bottle" is...?

Please deconstruct metaphors on your own time.

If U.S. customs confiscates the undocumented $25,000 in cash that you, a South Korean citizen, are trying to deliver to one of your terrifying boss's presumably equally terrifying associates, do you a) shrug your shoulders and walk away from the money, helpless against a foreign bureaucracy, even if this likely means moral peril down the road or b) fill out some forms in hopes of getting the money back?

It's "a," no brainer. How are you supposed to fill out all those confusing English forms? You take your chances that you're going to wind up in someone's walk-in refrigerator. There's no fighting the U.S. government. But hey, you get to keep the watch!

Why doesn't Sayid "feel" anymore?

Because he's "claimed." Also, because he's a zombie, who are not known for their range of emotions. Soon he will discover a thirst for brains, and, at that moment, Ben Linus is in a lot of trouble.

Hey, what's this giant V clock in the right hand corner of my screen?

That is a helpful reminder about the exact number of minutes and seconds until V, a show that ABC thinks you're going to love, returns to primetime! Isn't that great? Just so great.

Is it ever going away?

Give it a few minutes. It'll go away for a little while. But it'll be back very soon, promise!

What substance would Richard Alpert need to be slathered in for Hurley to find him in the jungle?

According to Miles: "Unless Alpert's covered in bacon grease, I don't think Hurley's tracking anything."

Other acceptable answers:

*Twinkie cream

*Del Taco Del Scorcho sauce

*Chipotle aioli

*Mint Oreo filling

*Any flavor of Betty Crocker® frosting

*Pure lard

In the flash sideways (hey, it's back this week!), Sun and Jin aren't married?

They are not only not married, but afraid that Sun's scary father (still Jin's boss in this timeline) will find out that Jin is regularly and lustily making love to his precious daughter. (Of course, it turns out that he already knows.) So afraid, in fact, that he makes sure they've booked separate hotel rooms, just in cast the old man checks up on them, hopefully not in the middle of an erotic game of "How many buttons on this sweater can Sun unbutton before they are going at it like crazed weasels in heat, the possibly fatal consequences be damned?"

Could that close-up on Sun's bra have been any tighter?

Let's not be prudes, OK? This is network television. Ratings matter. We don't hear you complaining that Sawyer's spent all five-plus seasons shirtless and oiled up in his own sweat. You sicken us with your sexist double standards.

Ugh, the V clock is back. HOW DO I MAKE IT GO AWAY?

You can't. Learn to love the V clock. The V clock is there for you. How else will you know exactly how long until V is on, right in the middle of your favorite TV show?

If I shoot the television, WILL IT FINALLY GO AWAY? Please, God, make it go away!!!

If you shoot your television, you're not going to be able to watch an all-new episode of V, premiering in just 14 minutes and 55 seconds! And God cannot help you now.

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  • OldTowneTavern says:

    That look on Sun's face pretty much describes how I feel when I watch LOST this season.

  • The Evil Marshall D says:

    Ha! Funny! Love the "Smithee" reference, too.

  • bierce says:

    I once hit my head and thought I could speak Korean, but I was just having a hard time uttering intelligible curse words.

  • CiscoMan says:

    I think Sawyer's "Oh, 'cause that's ridiculous!" is now the official answer to every possible plot hole in the Lost universe. That was fantastic.

  • snickers says:

    I love the Sun and Jin characters. Sun looked particularly pretty on the beach by the fire with Jack -- that smile of hers could melt the smoky heart of any island monster.

  • stolidog says:

    I just want everyone to know that i've figured it out.
    The storyline is based on the Seven Signs, or the Seven spirits of god.
    the 8 surviving castaways each represent a seal, or one of the spirits. Jin and Sun represent just one of the signs.
    2) Sayad
    3) Lily
    5) Hurley
    6) Jack
    7) Sun/Jin
    Lock and Jacob are battling for control of the seven. neither knows whether sun or jin are the seventh sign, but it seems inevitable that they will be the seventh sign and one will sacrifice themselves for the other. Whitmore represents humanity.
    there you have it.