What Massively Important Element is Missing From the New Iron Man 2 Poster?


You'll remember that last week's debut of the final international poster for Iron Man 2 was a little heavy on combustible Scarlett Johansson flatulence, so it's no surprise that the film's new domestic poster cleaned that element up a bit. (One can only the imagine the aggrieved calls from ScarJo's people to Marvel Studios: "But she is_ farting an explosion_, people. Her ass. It's on fire.") But amid the revisions that played up the actual hero's presence and gave Gwyneth Paltrow all the luster of a high-school-yearbook candid, the designers left out something that seems... well, important, particularly considering the ways the film has been marketed to date. Click through for the large version (and the omission).

Shouldn't Mickey Rourke be on here somewhere? Like, the bad guy? Since Comic-Con, no one can talk about Iron Man 2 without bringing up how it has a better villain this time around -- and Whiplash is nowhere to be found? I'm so confused. There's even space there where they removed Johansson's fiery fart! And yet... nothing. Guess whose people are likely calling Marvel today?


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  • Why does Gwyneth Paltrow look like Chloe Sevigny in American Psycho on this poster? And why does the top half look a Transformers poster?
    I would much rather see Robert Downey, Jr and Mickey Rourke strangling each other while plummeting to Earth from the remnants of an exploded supersonic jet, while ScarJo just chills out in a bikini or something...

  • Ringman says:

    Out of pure boredom, I decided to make this image based off of the original poster.

  • HwoodHills says:

    As a compromise (in the new poster above) Cheadle's blowing the fart away with a hairdryer.