Trailer For Best Worst Movie Doc About The Magic Of Troll 2


I caught the documentary Best Worst Movie last year around the time it debuted at ShoWest. While I dispute the claim that Troll 2 is "the best worst movie" I agree it's a lot of fun and right up there with the best-worst of 'em. Best Worst Movie takes us behind the scenes on this misbegotten horror flick, introduces us to the personalities who made it, and to the fans who've turned it into a cult over the past two decades. Now the trailer's doing the rounds, which, if nothing else will will see Troll 2 added to a lot of stoners' Netflix cues in time for the Easter weekend. Trailer after the jump, while screening dates are at the official site.

BEST WORST MOVIE Trailer from Best Worst Movie on Vimeo.