The Hills Final Season Trailer: Heading for Hillier Pastures

The pearly font says it all: "This journey is coming to an end." But the Hills cast's future in red carpet events for Old Navy ad campaigns and headband emporium openings has only bloom'd. Before they reenter off-screen surreality, we've got a final season of Spencer's tantrums, Heidi's facial paralysis, and Kristin's not-really-a-problem-you-guys drug problem to endure. I can almost hear their nonsense sentence fragments now...

Far as I'm concerned, Lo is the star of this trailer. Her bitchy list of Heidi's surgeries is classically petty, and even though she's essential to creating "drama" on this show, MTV still won't give her a complete first name. Hope she knows we appreciate her strife. I also adore Heidi's mother as she resides inside the hollowed-out Coldwater Creek flagship store and acknowledges her daughter's Nerf features. Stare on!

Elsewhere, this crew is ready for retirement. Audrina didn't get enough lines, and I watch this show only to hear the endless baritone inflections she can put on the phrase, "I guess." Brody was invited back too, God help us. His contributions feel the same -- like bromantic put-ons that contribute to the brotal murder of our broincells. As for Lauren? Nice try with the staccato one-liners, dear, but no dice: Our best memories, contrary to Heidi's claim, are not with you: They're with Enzo.

Which reminds me: Where. Is. Enzo.

Hills Final-Season Trailer [EW]


  • Steph says:

    is that thing a woman? is that supposed to be heidi? it looks like one of those expensive sex of the ugly ones....heidi get a life...ur so ugly u make my kids cry when they see u on TV. u . i guess. used to look like a real human, but hell...joan collins has more real flash then u.

  • Steph says:


  • sarah says:

    Even Heidi's mother thinks she looks like a sad.

  • fluff says:

    wow you have kids ?!
    anyway after that degrading rant....
    lol @heidi trying so hard to move her face when she was crying when her face cant move an inch.... and spencer is crazy as hell and scary looking he looks like my exboyfriends balls

  • Dubois says:

    Heidi is so crazy,and Spencer is a bitch..So glad the hills is over.
    I watched it for the drama and the cray things,other than that i think its a waste of time.
    I wonder where Heidi will get money to fix her mess up face.Just don't understand why a perfect healthy person would change so much,she looks like a puppet.Heidi you and Spencer deserve each others.