How To Stuff Up A Retired Bikini? Baywatch's New Writers Look Right For The Job


Is there such a thing as screenwriters apologizing for what they're about to do? Paramount has hired Brian Gatewood and Alessandro Tanaka to take a crack at the big-screen version of Baywatch. Director Jeremy Garelick, who delivered unto us The Break Up, has already re-written the first script from the team of Jay Scherick and David Ronn, who probably owe a mea culpa for the likes of I Spy, Norbit, Serving Sara and National Security. And now the appointment of new guys seems to confirm that Garelick's taking things in a comic direction. But wait: insiders are saying it'll also be about female-driven action, just like Charlie's Angels.

Really, does the target market really care about anything other than a) who eventually fills the red bathing suits and b) how drunk The Hoff is when he does his cameo? But, according to THR, Gatewood and Tanaka are a good fit. After all, their script The Sitter is gonna get made by David Gordon Green with Jonah Hill, and, y'know, appearances:

Yes, that's Gatewood and Tanaka at right, who couldn't possibly look more like exactly the guys you'd want writing a "Baywatch" movie.

Nerds in the back, bimbos up front. Sounds about right.

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