Hollywood Ink: Apparently It's Time For Another Take on Navy SEALS


· Want to feel old? How's this: The Charlie Sheen actioner Navy SEALS turns 20 this year. Want to feel older? Go ahead and feel nostalgic for that upon hearing the news that Walden Media is developing a graphic-novel adaptation called SEAL, about a team of elite underwater soldiers "investigating a mysterious submarine drowning in the Persian Gulf, as well as battling forces in the underwater kingdom of Atlantis." On the bright side, this means Parisot can't muck with the Slap Shot remake he'd been attached to a while back, so fast track away, fellas. [LAT]

A Lost player gets off the island, DreamWorks Animation gets some more unfortunate news, and more Hollywood Ink after the jump.

· Mark Pellegrino -- a/k/a Jacob on Lost -- has signed on for the lead in the indie drama Joint Body. He'll play a parolee blocked from seeing his young daughter and who arrives at an awakening after getting to know a stripper and confronting his past. Did I mention it's an indie? Alicia Witt co-stars. [Variety]

· Last weekend's mediocre performance of How to Train Your Dragon didn't exactly reassure Wall Street, where DreamWorks Animation share prices on Monday dropped 8 percent. No pressure, Shrek Forever After. [THR]

· Another day, another Australian film imported to the States: This time it's Mao's Last Dancer, director Bruce Beresford's acclaimed hit about dancer (and Chinese defector) Li Cunxin, whose journey takes him to Oz by way of the U.S. Bruce Greenwood and Kyle MacLachlan are among the stars; Samuel Goldwyn will do the distributing. And Aussie skeeveball Brenton Jarrett will no doubt find some way to connive a share of the success. [THR]


  • Martini Shark says:

    They have made two deplorable "sequels" to "Slap Shot". Just try to imagine Gary Busy as the mogul of a family-values television network.