Ferris Bueller Ferrari Can Be Yours For $67,000


Are you a Ferris Bueller's Day Off fan? Who isn't, right? Nevertheless, only one megafan will win the privilege of owning a piece of Ferris history: The replica Ferrari 250GT Spyder California that the titular hero takes for a spin around Chicago with girlfriend Sloane and best friend Cameron, to whose father the classic car belonged. And just for the record, the auctioneer offloading the car wants you to know it's not the ravaged husk of the one John Hughes destroyed.

According to a description by London auction house Bonhams, which will put the car on the block April 19, the car is one of two replicas Paramount commissioned especially for the film. "Only around one hundred genuine 250GT Spyder Californias were created by Ferrari between 1958 and 1963," a press release states. "Existing examples are very rare and expensive." And so we have this: The surviving replica, which Bonhams adds is "ready to drive," expects to fetch between £30,000-40,000 (roughly $45,000-67,000 USD) on the market.

The lucky buyer will win a nifty slice of Hollywood history, necessarily followed by kicking in the grill while attempting to reverse the odometer, thus sending the convertible rocketing through his/her window into the woods two stories below. Then wait defiantly for your father to come home. There's a life lesson in it, I swear.


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