Buzz Break: Another Lick of Salt


· Sony's released new photos from Salt, including this one of first-act, blond Angelina before she goes on the run and dyes her hair dark. Is this going to be like The Fugitive, where you're tapping your foot and thinking, "Just shave, Harrison. Hurry up"?

· Curtis Hanson will direct Jay Moriarity, a biopic about the surfing legend (with Sean Penn in talks for a supporting role).

· The Anna Faris romcom What's Your Number is circling Andy Samberg and Zachary Quinto to play her ex-boyfriends.

· Might Wanted director Timur Bekmambetov helm Casebook of Victor Frankenstein?

· The eternally enrolled James Franco has his sights set on Yale next. Look, you can get a lot of discounts with a student ID. Ride that til the wheels come off, James.


  • SusieQ says:

    I knew it. Angie is making her trademark "I'm a badass. A SEXY badass" face that she couldn't stop making in Lara Croft, Mr/Mrs Smith, that one with the arcing bullets, that other one where she's sexy and tough, etc etc: (lower jaw jutted out, mouth hanging open). The only thing missing is the 'head down while looking up' to make this the full-on bad ass SexyFace(TM). It is THE reason I can't watch her movies.

  • NP says:

    Dear Anna Faris:
    Please do more stuff like _Smiley Face_ in between those pay-the-bills romcoms. Pretty please?

  • Jamie says:

    Have read some good buzz about Salt. Looking forward to the next trailer to give us a better feel for what it has to offer. From what I could glean from the teaser, this feels different from Jolie's other action films -- a bit grittier but at the same time her character seems more vulnerable.