Bad News, Lindsay: 20th Century Fox is Developing an E*Trade Baby Movie


Actually, that's bad news for all of us. Yes, despite the fact that you are shaking your head right now, 20th Century Fox is developing a movie based on the E*Trade baby ads. This news will still be true later today when it suddenly comes to you like something out of a nightmare, and you attempt to reassure yourself that it was just a dream. It wasn't. It lives!

Now, how can E*Trade foe Lindsay Lohan turn this around to her benefit?

As far as I can see, Lohan has two options. She can either wait for the film to make a mint and then pick it apart for even more slanderous references (perhaps a scripted baby powder incident lands too close to home?) to power her next lawsuit, or Lohan can exhibit the same sort of "If you can't beat 'em, join 'em" attitude that led her to crash Perez Hilton's birthday party this past week, and badger producers until they cast her in a voice role. Katy Perry's busy on the Smurfs movie...this is your chance, Lindsay!

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