Are You Cute? Can You Be Auto-Tuned? Enter the Glee Casting Call


If you're a telegenic actor between the ages of 16 and 26 whose iPod looks like that of a diva-worshipping, 62-year-old gay man named Christopher (but never "Chris"), you're in luck! Glee just announced a nationwide casting call that begins today to fill three new roles in season two. What are the details?

Interested parties can hit up this MySpace page (Myspace is a social network your parents used to use) and upload a 5-minute video that includes a brief introduction and your rendition of one of the following songs:

"And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going" -- Dreamgirls

"Don't Rain On My Parade" -- Barbra Streisand

"Gold Digger" (Radio Version) -- Kayne West

"Hate On Me" -- Jill Scott

"Rehab" -- Amy Winehouse

"Keep Holding On" -- Avril Lavigne

"You Can't Always Get What You Want" -- The Rolling Stones

"Lean On Me" -- Bill Withers

"Can't Fight This Feeling" -- REO Speedwagon

"True Colors" -- Phil Collins

Can you sing a capella? Yes. Can you play an instrument? Yes, but only one, and through Myspace karaoke, whatever that is. Can you Auto-Tune your submission into something from the Kidz Bop catalog? We do not yet know.

Here is a video of Glee star Matthew Morrison that is ostensibly meant to tell you more about the casting call but instead serves as his attempt to break in a V-neck and vest:


  • Victor Ward says:

    My upload timed out and then Myspace said I had already entered even though I hadn't gotten to the singing which is the MOST IMPORTANT PART MY DREAMS ARE CRASHING DOWN AROUND ME GAY PANIC GAY PANIC PUNCTUATION CASUALTIES
    But at least I have a new dramatic piece to perform for other auditions.

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