Say Hello to These Little Friends!


· This elementary school retelling of Scarface is definitely not real. Does. Not. Matter. Is anyone else inspired to write an uplifting novel called Like Popcorn For Coke? Video after the jump: [Film Drunk via Vulture]

· This season on So You Think You Can Dance, the contestants will be paired each week with an "all-star" past-season dancer. Mary Murphy will continue her successful pairing with shiny, trembling eyes. [E!]

· Luke Wilson is apparently a "diva" on the set of those AT&T commercials. I think anyone who starred in The Family Stone is entitled to a lifetime of bitterness. [Fox News]

· Hollywood Reporter scribe Nellie Andreeva will be joining Movieline cousin Nikki Finke's domain. [Deadline]

· In case you missed Cheyenne Jackson's actual NYT profile (not the fake one his character Danny earned on 30 Rock), make sure you read and re-read the description of his pilot It Takes a Village. Hair-raising! [NYT]

· Ricky Martin confirmed that he's gay, or as he put it, "a fortunate homosexual man." That's still the best CCR song ever. [Advocate]


  • Furious D says:

    1. For a second there, I was having flashbacks to my elementary school production of Marat/Sade.
    2. And yet I still can't bring myself to care about So You Think You Can Dance.
    3. I told he should have done Marley & Me instead of giving it to his brother, but he didn't listen.
    4. Give'em Hellie Nellie.
    5. And the irony is that more people have read this article mentioning the NYT piece than the actual New York Times.
    6. Another entry in the "Well D'uh" files.

  • syd says:

    this looks like the plays on wes anderson movies

  • grahambanks says:

    That's disturbing. Where were the parents when the kids came home with the permission slip for this? You don't go to broadway to see Barney the Musical and you don't do Scarface in the multi-purpose room.