Let's Go to the Chloe Sevigny Audiotape


What's with all the lying celebrities these days? You'll remember that Chloë Sevigny not only apologized for her comments about the most recent season of Big Love being "awful," but also expressed displeasure with a certain journalist she accused of "provoking me" and taking her words out of context. Alas, said journalist recorded the conversation as journalists are wont to do, resulting in just the latest sad chapter in this whole Chloë cluster-eff. Decide for yourself, I suppose, but between her and John Corbett, just a little bit of unaffected candor would be nice right about now. Anyone? [AV Club]


  • OldTowneTavern says:

    I could have sworn I heard the crack of bamboo shoots in between each "If I may" this clearly deranged and sadistic reporter uttered. If anything, Sevigny was underreporting how she barely escaped this interview with all her fingernails. The bravery of this woman is to be heralded.