Jamie Foxx Turns His Feud-Cannon on Howard Stern: AUDIO


So Jamie Foxx has this routine. Not like a joke or performance routine, but an actual schedule by which the Oscar-winner embroils himself in some outrageous Internet controversy, takes a few days to let it bleed out around said Internet, and then goes on The Tonight Show, where he'll place the whole imbroglio in some vague mea-culpa context before issuing an apology. The cycle renews itself every six months or so, from his Miley Cyrus gonorrhea debacle last April to the dissemination of his nude photo last October, and so naturally it's time for a new pseudo-scandal. Right on schedule -- thanks in part to Howard Stern -- it's arrived in all its massively NSFW, ignominious glory.

More accurately, he and his crew have a bit of a problem with Stern and Robin Quivers, which has been a going concern since Stern's comments about Gabourey Sidibe never finding work again because of her weight. Foxx and Co. lobbied their insults at the senior Sirius personality; Stern and Quivers fired back with their own. Basic shock-jock stuff, nothing to see here. But now... this, with Foxx bringing the full bore of ruthlessness down on overweight, "house-n***erish" sexual-abuse victim Quivers and her employer.

Sandwiched around the halfway point are Foxx's "but seriously, folks" observations of how Hollywood can in fact be weight-blind, but the five minutes of scorched earth you've got to walk before you get there are a pretty staggering journey. If he hadn't welcomed Jay Leno back to The Tonight Show as the returning host's first guest a few weeks back, you'd swear he was booked to appear later this week. Who knows, though? It's only Monday; there's still time.

And more fair warning: There's NSFW, and then there's NSFW. This would be the latter.

[via ONTD]


  • Wellie says:

    Aren't Foxx's diggs against the careers of actors (A Brody, C Gooding Jr) whom he feels have stalled careers, the greater sin in Hollywood? ("Thou shalt not publicly make snarky remarks about the careers of the mighty who have fallen...") As I recall Tom Cruise was really thought of as crossing the line when he impugned the career woes/choices of Brooke Shields in his anti-psych meds Today Show meltdown.
    Don't worry Jamie, you can always pull a Chloe and claim you were "provoked"!

  • fafa says:

    It's getting hotter. Howard hinted Jamie was a secret bisexual in a seething counterattack.

  • kimmie says:

    I barely made in through 1 minutes of that crap. Just STFU, already!