Fox News Contemplates Going Liberal to Distance Itself from Victoria Jackson

· Movieline knows all too well the special brand of crazy that's uncorked when former SNL star Victoria Jackson starts talking politics. Fox News, however, may have had no idea. Watch in the clip below as Steve Doocy attempts to restrain himself as a funereally dressed Jackson claims, "The president is a Communist," and "I watch Glenn Beck, and he's taught me well!" Victoria Jackson hasn't been this funny on TV since Handi-Off. [Media Matters via Gawker]

· Might the long-awaited Eastern Promises sequel shoot later this year? Yes! Will I ever stop calling it Western Promises? No! [Deadline]

· Chloë Sevigny is sorry that she called the awful fourth season of Big Love "awful." The actress rang up Michael Ausiello to say, "I feel like what I said was taken out of context, and the [reporter] I was speaking to was provoking me. I was in Austin [at the SXSW festival] and really exhausted and doing a press junket and I think I just... I wasn't thinking about what I was saying... I have nothing but respect and admiration for our writers and everybody involved with the show." [EW]

· It's entirely possible that Angelina Jolie could star as Maleficent in Tim Burton's revisionist take on Sleeping Beauty. I'm not prepared for Maleficent to be kind of sexy. [LAT]


  • Doug Broccone says:

    Um, Obama has a clear history of Communist and Marxist associations and his policies are all directed towards redistribution of wealth for "Social Justice"... as Beck does, I think quite fairly point out.
    I mean, come on, Nationalization of Car companies and Banks? You think that bailing out GM was necessary? No, it wasn't. We could have paid triple unemployment to their workers for years and it would have been cheaper that bailing out GM.
    Bad banks should fail. Other good banks... and there were MANY who refused the Tarp, would have taken them over...
    What is your argument here then? You say Jackson crazy and wrong?
    On what grounds do you base that?

  • Randall says:

    I,m glad people in Hollywood are waking up to the nightmare they elected to office. Ted Nugent was on Fox the same day.

  • J Harris says:

    Victoria Jackson can't possibly be serious. It's the same character she always played: Super dumb blonde. Please tell me she's taking the tea party for a it possible she wasn't acting back in the day on SNL?
    @ Doug Broccone
    The suggestion that government took over the banks and car companies in some Marxist scheme is hilarious. If I were a communist tyrant, I'd nationalize the oil, coal and natural gas companies, agribusiness, big pharma, Google, Apple, GE and Cisco. It doesn't really make sense to nationalize the losers, does it?
    If your premise actually made sense, wouldn't you expect the government to hold the assets and suck the companies dry? Most of the TARP funds have been repaid (and corresponding controls over the recipient banks eliminated), and the government shares of 'nationalized' companies are being sold back on the market--at profit to the taxpayer (Google 'Citibank' in today's news...)!
    I'm no fan of the bank bailouts, precisely because investors were paid in full; they accepted risk and should have taken losses. The biggest chunk of money went via AIG to speculators (e.g. at Goldmann Sachs) who'd bet against securities they didn't own, and in some cases had even promoted. Cronyism on Paulson's and Geithner's part, perhaps, but Communism? Laughable.
    There's a lot to be angry about. Turn off your AM radio and Faux News for a day. Take a look at Media Matters, Huffington Post and TruthDig. (Note: I do listen to Limbaugh, Hannity and Beck on a regular basis). Think critically. Google "Gilded Age", "Southern Strategy" and "Freedom Concert Scam".

  • John says:

    Very well states Mr. Harris, but sadly those who come to such idiotic conclusion hardly ever have the gumption or know-how to actually seek out credible discussion and information in an attempt to further their own understanding and think for themselves.. Thankfully they're one 35% of the country.

  • allonym says:

    Yes, let's never mind that the so-called "bank bailout" was carried out under the Bush administration, and that the "auto industry bailout" was signed into law by Bush as well (to be implemented by the incoming administration, but that hardly matters). Yep, that clever Communist Obama got off to an incredibly early start, surreptitiously taking over the means of production through the auspices of the apparently also-commie George "W is for Workers Party" Bush.
    Mr. Broccone, your insight into modern politics is--much like your knowledge of history--simply mind-boggling!

  • Wandering Menstrual says:

    Agreed. Both Victoria Jackson and The Nuge seem like really intelligent, thoughtful, informed people. And they are truly the creme de la creme of "Hollywood." The guy who played Cliff on Cheers is another HUGE A-lister who is also a right-wing asshat, you forgot to mention him. Also, Patricia Heaton was nice enough to smear Michael J. Fox and his Parkinsons during the last election.

  • Mark says:

    Oh, he's a commie son of a bitch!
    Thank you Victoria! I saw her today in at Boston Tea Party!

  • Celena Ramon says:

    But wait a second. Does that mean Annabella will do well in math class because she's an A, or badly because her name sounds so feminine? And how did all those Dennises make it to dental school if they were destined to pull Ds? Where does all of this research point for a name-choosing parent?

  • dwl4825 says: