The Real Housewives of New York City Reality Check: 'Fashion and Fighting'

New York Fashion Week -- that magical time of year when fashion insiders pack into Bryant Park tents to, uh, do something while the Housewives of New York City squabble from their first-row runway seats. Last night's edition of RHoNYC, aptly titled "Fashion and Fighting," included the traditional fashion show histrionics and a few other surprises, like a faulty reference to the stalker cult classic Single White Female and the possibility of an afternoon delight. After the jump, Movieline picks out the truest and fakest moments from Bravo's latest reality programming low. (If that doesn't interest you, why don't you take Bethenny's own advice and "Go read another book on etiquette and manners"?)

TRUE: Ramona Literally Throws Her Daughter Into Traffic For an Invitation to the Perez Hilton Party


And Movieline thought that Countess LuAnn's daughter, Victoria, had it bad after she broke both wrists leaping from her third floor bedroom. Last night, Ramona lowered the bar for housewife parenting when she abandoned her mother-daughter date for a Perez Hilton event.

For a second, Ramona weighed her options: Continue bonding with her impressionable young daughter Avery, or find more cameras. Ramona chose the latter, explaining that going to the party was the "polite thing to do," before running Avery out into six lanes of New York City traffic. When Ramona's chauffeured car was nowhere to be found, the housewife flagged down a taxi and threw Avery in despite her protests ("You want me to go by myself?!"). As even the morally questionable producers grimaced at the thought of finding Avery's lifeless body in a midtown gutter the next day, Ramona carelessly shouted "Text me when you get home!" and dove into Kelly's waiting vehicle.

The truth is, Ramona, you've definitely made a questionable child-raising decision when you're even called out bythe housewife who just posed for Playboy in spite of her two pre-teen daughters. Kelly later revealed in a confessional, "I wasn't really happy with how Avery went home. That really bothered me. I mean it's New York City. It's New...York...City."

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  • caz says:

    i watch the show from sydney Australia (im 24yrs old) and while ive been a fan of the show over the years- im getting tired of the big EGOS and watching the 15 mins drag on..and on...i do however love bethenny's honestly and no bull*** approach im surprised its refreshing.
    im the first to admitt, i love fashion but the air-kissing (jill -*cough*saks 5th ave) and the arrogance is driving me nuts (but highly entertaining). I love how they think this show is good for their image- but really it shows the cracks nyc high society (perhaps we need to remove the ‘high’ from this society?).
    I know that this show can open doors but please, have a little respect for yourselves, I was always taught that personal privacy is respected more than anything else- if you feel the need to ‘name drop’ and prove yourselves to others there are real issues- and this season im seeing some real BIG issues…..
    ps. I don’t want to be rude but I can pick bipolar disorder and I really see that in Ramona it scares me.

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