Our Commenters of the Week Get to Debate Societal Woes with James Cameron!

James Cameron put it out there -- he wants to take Glenn Beck to a state school auditorium, let Anderson Cooper moderate, and let the public decide who is more fit to be an incendiary public figure. Lucky for Movieline's commenters of the week, they also get a crack at outsmarting Mr. Cameron in public! You think you can weave an adequate health-care metaphor out of Jamie Lee Curtis's stripping scene in True Lies? Here's your chance. Think you can compare Sam Worthington's nondescript acting to governmental inactivity? You're on. Can you strike a pro-life stance and call Christian sanctity "The Heart of the Ocean"? This is your week to win. So: Who's suiting up for town hall?

The Winchester on Oscars to Return to February: "Awesome! Now I can not give a shit a week earlier! "

Dimo on James Cameron Challenges F*cking A-Hole Glenn Beck to Debate: "Do they make IMAX sized chalk boards?"

sweetbiscuit on Chloë Sevigny Finds Big Love Awful: "Oh, Chloe. It was always a telenovela."

Old No. 7 on Dear God, It's Me Katherine Heigl, and I'm Leaving Grey's Anatomy: "Dear Katherine, It's me God, don't let the door hit you in the ass."

The Winchester (a rare double win!) on David Mamet's Memo to the Writers of the Unit: "A=Always B=Be W=Writing. ALWAYS BE WRITING. ALWAYS..."

Congrats to our winners!


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