Late Night Highlights: Miley Recounts Her 'Mad Scary' Night on Idol and Johnny Weir Rides a Yak

The NCAA basketball tourney may have preempted CBS's late-night programming, but there were plenty of other uncomfortable after hours moments to go around. George Lopez rented a long-haired bovine named Junior for Johnny Weir, the Marriage Ref gave Miley Cyrus some relationship advice and Hot Tub Time Machine's Craig Robinson revealed that he once taught Beethoven to kids who ripped the heads off birds. That clip, and the other highlights you missed last night while trying to figure out why South Park killed you off after calling you a transvestite donkey witch on Wednesday, after the jump.

4. Tom Papa Mentors Miley

Tom Papa finally revealed how he got the job hosting the worst marriage-advice show on television, why the Marriage Ref employs divorced stars like Alec Baldwin and what it is like working for Jerry Seinfeld. And then for his big finish, Papa told Miley how to make her future marriage work.

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