Project Runway Recap: Patterns-a-Plenty!

Color(block) me shocked: This challenge ruled. Tim Gunn raised his forefather arm in the air, waved it over the dowdy Gettysburg crowd, and deployed a fabulous assignment that would stun even a hardcore fashionista like Ambrose Burnside. Ready for the glam?

At the top of the hour, Jonathan bemoans the loss of Amy Sarabi, who filled our lives with giggles, boobs covered in hair extensions, and other Easter treats. I miss her too. Amy had a sincere chance of making the Top 3 awhile ago, but ultimately her bangs weren't square enough for this year's consideration. Oh, Louise Black, you were a year off.

On the runway, Heidi tells the designers that they're going to meet Tim backstage, and he'll have another little friend with him. Seth Aaron cracks a joke about the mystery guest being a "Pocket elf," but he should've said something about pocket elves with a knack for product placement, because every guest so far has had multiple wares to shill.

The Challenge

Oh, look! Tim's hanging out with designer Vivienne Tam! She seems short and innocent enough.

"Designers," Tim says. "I'm proud to introduce Vivi--"

"HEWLETT PACKARD COMPUTERS is the name," Vivienne says. "YOU HAVE ONE, DESIGNERS? THEY'RE MY FAVORITE. Looky here. I brought along an H.P. Just looking at one is a real day-changer. H.P.: THE FRESH-MAKER!"

The designers shoot knowing glances all over the room. Just as Vivienne starts crowing about how "personal" HP has made the personal computer ("I SING TO MINE," I believe she said.), Tim introduces one of the greatest challenges in recent memory: The remaining contestants must design their own print using HP's magnificent TouchSmart program. Then, someone off-screen will magically turn that into fabric. Don't question, just do, everyone!

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