Is There a Sixth Real Housewife of Beverly Hills?


Bravo still hasn't formally announced the cast of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, but last week, E! got the jump on the network, dishing the dirt on five of its cosmetically maintained cast members (including two Hilton relatives, Mrs. Kelsey Grammer, and a woman with the immortal last name "Vanderpump-Todd"). However, is there a sixth Housewife who's flown under the radar?


That's what Movieline recently heard, and CelebrityNation.TV says they've got proof. Mysterious number six is Taylor Armstrong, whose venture capitalist husband Russell brings in the dough. Well, she didn't exactly marry into Frasier money, but perhaps it will do. The site has what appears to be a picture of all six cast members at a Lakers game, but even when I compare that photo against the picture of the five formerly announced housewives, I'm not 100% sure who is who. Maybe they were all just in between faces at the time.



  • stretch65 says:

    I was hoping the 6th housewife was the black guy in the middle.
    There was that brief window of time in Calif

  • bess marvin, girl detective says:

    The Science Projects of Beverly Hills.

  • Jack Morgan says:

    I wonder if Kelsey's ex-stripper wife will excuse herself often due to her IBS and poopy-pants. Or she just fakes IBS so she has an excuse to flee every time Kelsey climbs atop her. IBS, the "I have a headache" for the jet set.

  • Kisses to L.A. says:

    All the housewives look very pretty... who is a bitch is yet to be known... This latest addition is definitely looking like a winner!
    Kisses LA