Scott Pilgrim vs. the World Trailer: Michael Cera's Make-or-Break Moment

If you haven't been constantly refreshing your news feed in anticipation of the fanboy-pleasing Scott Pilgrim vs. the World trailer, it'll play a lot better as a witty spin on your usual Michael Cera film. The opening moments seem to set up the umpteenth plot in which sadsack Cera falls for a beautiful alterna-girl, then somehow scores with her, doffing his size-small Threadless tee to hop into bed. That's only the beginning, though: How many of Cera's other films then forced him through a videogame-like gauntlet of bosses in order to prove his love?

That's the conceit of Scott Pilgrim, and when it's Shaun of the Dead homageaueteur Edgar Wright pulling the strings, you can bet that the result is a damn fine-looking thing indeed. Cera faces off against his new love's seven evil exes in quick succession in Wright's teaser, but there's plenty of dramatic impact, with all the fire-swords, sound effects, and Street Fighter 2 staging you could ever need. Scott Pilgrim opens in August. I'd better go get some quarters.


Here's the YouTube embed (but Apple's got a higher quality version in case it gets yanked):