Robert Pattinson's Wax Figure Dies in 9/11

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  • The only way to tell the difference between Robert Pattinson and his wax simulcra is that the figure is less greasy than the real thing.

  • The Winchester says:

    Hey, spoiler warning!

  • bellsandeddie says:


  • The Winchester says:

    I take it from your namesake that you only watch Robert Pattinson in movies where he sparkles in the sun, and not the other movies he appears in, for which the headline of the article references.
    Ironically, it is your love of Robert as Edward and Edward alone that is killing Pattinson's career in movies where he tries to, you know, act.

  • Bib Fortuna says:

    Believe it or not, but I overheard two women in their 20's discussing how they weren't going to see Remember Me because "they show that vampire guy in the sunlight" and how it would totally ruin him for them! They didn't even know Pattinson's name.
    And sometimes I wonder why intelligent films never do well at the box office... uggh. rant over.

  • Matthew says:

    Grow up

  • bellsandeddie says:

    one - i wrote what i wrote, because i thought it was distasteful for the writer to even mention 9/11 in such a casual way.
    two - robert pattinson does not die in the movie REMEMBER ME. his character does. something i can distinguish between while others may not be able to.
    three - i have seen all of robert's films and enjoy every one of them. i think he is very talented and has a long successful career ahead of him.
    four - i have seen REMEMBER ME three times already, because i enjoyed the story, and the message [however sad it is] and i love robert's acting. he is a truly credible and convincing actor in all his character roles.
    five - i don't give a crap whether he sparkles or not. yes, i am a fan of the TWILIGHT SAGA..books and movies...BUT >> i am not a 13 year old teen that can't dicipher between fiction and reality.

  • bellsandeddie says:

    in addition, my namesake belongs to my grandmother. my USERNAME is bellsandeddie. what does that have to do with my comment? it's a fan based username..yes. but, it has no baring on my intellectual capabilities. i presume you may be less educated than you hoped to appear.

  • The Winchester says:

    Ouch. Zing.
    Reading my post again, I made absolutely no presumptions of your intellectual capabilities based on your USERNAME and love of Twilight. You made that assumption. You also presume I feel a need to appear smart, but the word you want is "snark", which keeps in tone with the site's content.
    That being said, for next time it's "bearing" that you want, not "baring".

  • bellsandeddie says:

    "I take it from your namesake that you only watch Robert Pattinson in movies where he sparkles in the sun..." [your above quote]
    ...which ABSOLUTELY appears to be presumable. you assumed that since my "namesake" is [bellsandeddie]...i didn't watch any other robert pattinson movie...EXCEPT for the ones that make him "sparkle." you also assumed that i ONLY loved robert for his EDWARD character. wow, can't imagine how you ASSumed all that from my original comment [which was really directed towards the author of the article]. i think you need to re-read your comment to me...from my perspective and calculation.
    p.s. excuse my "typo" oh perfect one. how dare me.

  • Gregatory says:

    What's offensive is not the headline but the movie's manipulative attempt at a sacchariney, cheap ploy for an emotional connection.

  • Ben says:

    Cut it out, kid, you're embarrassing yourself. This stuff stays online forever, you know?

  • bellsandeddie says:

    what do i care. i'm not saying anything offensive. i don't even normally comment on ridiculous articles [like this one]..written by ridiculous, non-credible writers...except that the title offended me. i just happened to responded to someone's comment towards me that was insulting. are you in the business of "policing" article comments?

  • Mikey says:

    I didn't think puppies eating ice cream could bring out such vitriol. Shame on every single one of you.

  • bellsandeddie says:

    thank you mikey for that paternal "slap on the wrist." however, if you aren't already aware, articles are written so that they may be read. the comments section is available for the reader to impart their opinions of the said article. he or she may leave a positive or not so positive "opionion" about said article. in turn, other readers may read the said article and [in addition] the comments below [if so inclined to indulge in such meaningless literary drama]....and that person may or may not comment positively or negatively about said comments. yea...that's how it works. next time, don't indulge!

  • Rob London says:

    I am Robert Pattinson's London wax figure, Rob London.
    I have come to life on Facebook, please stop by and say hello.