Orson Welles' New Movie -- And It's In 3-D!


Holy crap -- we were just talking about seeing Citizen Kane in 3-D and now Orson Welles is the drawcard in a new 3-D movie entitled Christmas Tails. It's to be based on a rare recording of the actor narrating a book of the same name and will be a hybrid CG/live-action fantasy.

The project comes from Drac Studios, whose principals have done effects and make-up work on the likes of The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button, Watchmen, Titanic and Bram Stoker's Dracula. Todd Lowry, President of Drac, said he'd already been getting calls from actors wanting to be involved. "People see this as their last opportunity to act in a movie with Orson Welles," he said. Actually, the way things are going with CG, this might well be the first of many new opportunities to share the screen with the legend. Me & Orson Welles -- no longer just a title.

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