It's The Return of the Hollywood Kid, With Your Host: The Legendary Michael Musto!

It's time to herald the return of a beloved Movieline feature: the Hollywood Kids. Longtime fans of this publication will recall it as being the deliciously dishy corner of our previous print incarnation. But for today's Twitterized, OCD-afflicted youth, we've decided to both streamline it -- it's now just one, single Hollywood Kid -- and dispense completely with the tedious printed word in favor of a far easier-to-digest, video-blog format. And best of all? A bona fide gossip legend will be bringing it to you every week! It's none other than the man, the myth, the Village Voice columnist, the fragrance: Michael Musto, ladies and gentlemen.














  • tommy five-tone says:

    Wow, Eddie Deezen looks great!

  • Michael Strangeways says:

    I remember, and adored, the Hollywood Kids...that was NOT a Hollywood Kid moment...has to be anonymous and snarky. I think Ted Casablanca has cornered that market.

  • longtime movieline lover says:

    I thought that was great!! I'm sick of the screamy, hot pink, OTTstyle of gossip reporting and am willing to bet many of us are. I'm also wholly in favor of any and EVERY movieline column being revived. Viva Movieline! Viva MM!

  • Miss Mitzi Gaynor, Roxie Hart, and Norma Desmond says:

    Darlings at Movieline:
    When do we get more?
    Ta ta,
    Miss Mitzi Gaynor (aged TV dancer), Roxie Hart (showgirl accused of murder), and Norma Desmond (faded star of yesteryear)

  • Madeline says:

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