Glenn Beck Fails to Accept 'Smurf-Murderer' James Cameron's Debate Challenge


Fox News commentator Glenn Beck likely welcomed his most sizable liberal audience in years Wednesday night, where the right-wing's unofficial Czar of Crazy was expected to respond to James Cameron's point-blank fusillade of insults and debate challenges. Beck didn't disappoint -- for the most part, engaging Cameron with the kind of directionless, self-immolating logic for which he's famous before getting into the genuinely good stuff. Click through for the segment.

First things first: Beck did not accept Cameron's challenge to debate environmental matters on his show, or in any forum for that matter. It's not especially surprising that Beck might wimp out on the air, deflecting his 2007 comments about Cameron "running for antichrist" as a gag before warming up his grand-ish finale: "The best part is, this guy has carried around this joke around for three long years," Beck said, stylishly modeling some old-school 3D glasses. "The guy's making a billion dollars on a Smurf-murdering movie and he's stewing about a joke nobody heard on a network that nobody watched."

But those "Smurfs" aren't the only one Beck accuses Cameron of threatening, raising the issue of the genocide that would ensue if the filmmaker got the high-noon shootout he wants with global-warming deniers: "79 percent of Americans who aren't convinced that greenhouse gases are the most important factor in the planet's warming! Why must you kill all of them?" Cue Beck's trademark fake tears, rinse, repeat. You haven't heard the end -- or seen the last -- of this. At least let's hope not; it's about as funny as the Avatar subculture gets.

[via Fox News Channel]


  • Such biased and slovenly writing proves this to be just another mindless left-wing pile of garbage.
    And James Cameron's obscene name-calling puts him in the wrong from the start.
    Beck would wipe the floor with Cameron, especially if Cameron had to stick to FCC-standard English.
    By the way, I haven't seen, and probably won't see, "Avatar," but I have heard it praised as defending private property.
    Isn't it interesting how the same movie can be defended or attacked by people who might otherwise be allies?

  • metroville says:

    Beck might be able to argue without using dirty words that hurt your tender ears (he'd have to; otherwise he'd get fined and have to turn over his gold), but in the area of one English word relating in any way to the next one that came out of his mouth (and so on), I'm afraid even potty-mouthed liberal James Cameron would have the edge over crazy imbeciles' favorite crazy imbelice on the magic talkin' box.

  • metroville says:

    "Imbelice"? Freudian typo, I suppose.

  • Anonymous says:

    I agree wi9th the previous comment.
    How can these people call Glenn Beck a nut job when they proport to be impartial journalists. Hollyweird is full of delusional, self-absurbed socialists that it is no wonder that the American public lumps them all together in Tom Cruise land.
    While the lefist libs consider themselves to be open minded seekers of the truth, they want to shut down anyone with whom they disagree. They can't have Glenn on the air disagreeing with them. Yet, it is fine when an "artist" depicts a crucifix in a bottle of urine. They call this beauty. I contend that conservatives are far more open minded. While I couldn't disagree more with the political and social views of George Clooney, Tommy Lee Jones, Tom Cruise and James Cameron, I will still see their movies because they do that very well. They are skilled in their craft. However, they are still bigoted wing nuts and I won't listen to their rants on how conservatives are ruining the country.

  • MCU says:

    How can you be trying to type 'width' and get '9'? No one's aim is that bad.
    P.S. No one who is a seeker of truth particularly cares about a crucifix more than any other brand trademark. Fuck, even Avatar had a better story.

  • Rich says:

    Movieline.. look what you did..
    First off... i don't remember anyone saying they had to be unbiased on this website... Do you even read Movieline? Or do you just have a google alert anytime someone derides Beck - coming to his aid against the close-minded coastal elites.
    I've heard this argument that conservatives are more open-minded then liberals... which i laughed at then and it still is pretty amusing now. Using liberals vocabulary back on them is like the rubber and glue defense. Being open minded is being receptive to new ideas and arguments, cultures, etc.. and I don't see many conservatives being inclusive of differences and embracing multiple facets of an individualistic society. I mean, c'mon.. let's call a spade a spade here.
    Beck is a talking head. Cameron is a talking head. Both are arguably crazy. Beck though denied having the debate... the debate of crazies.. and that spoke volumes.
    For the record.. conservatives don't ruin the country.. they just make it insufferable.

  • Jesus says:

    And I guess calling someone the Anti-Christ is totally fine...
    You have to ask yourself. What would I do?

  • Outsider but live on Earth says:

    "Glenn Beck Fails to Accept 'Smurf-Murderer' James Cameron's Debate Challenge"
    This article is good for telling the truth. I view other articles from internet. They just
    act in a manner of hubbub like to expect some coming show or what.
    All the talkings from Cameron these days derive from his main thinking ----
    ---- "warriors for our planet, or else it's not going to survive." ----
    ---- related to paragraph 6.
    So Cameron sacrifices himself, whoever you call that arrogant or something else, to show how
    serious that global warming is. That is what I observe from the view of outsider. Outsider
    means not living in America, but cares about the things of Earth.
    I am very disappointed of the right-wing ( I learn it from internet) . They seem God-worship
    but behave themselves like attacking, hating, not considering, ignorant, especially the
    global warming issue. What drove them so, God? No, I think God is kind to everyone on earth.
    But those who take in the name of God openly, while perform his own personal will privately.
    Talk but God, God, God, but act only himself, himself, himself. What a mess !
    America should lead the world to non-crisis future. But it's impossible with such ignorant
    objection deniers to reach that future. Wait and see, the deniers, your New York city will
    immerse under sea level someday, and when that day comes, please don't cry for the help of
    God. Please don't do that, because it dishonor God when compared to what you have done now.

  • Larry N Stouffer says:

    Glenn Beck is the smartest man on television.

  • When guys like Cameron stop flying in private jets, sell their mansions in live in energy efficient homes and reduce their own carbon footprints I might start believing some of their rhetoric.

  • Paula says:

    "Strain a gnat and swallow a camel"...does a typo make a person's viewpoint any less valid (“Hey, look at how ignorant those right-wing wack-os are!), one person superior to another or is it just a personal attack because they don't believe as you do? That sounds like intolerance to me. Everyone has a right to their opinions and beliefs, and, to be angry, typos and all. However, they do not have a right, no matter which side they are on, to express that anger in a disrespectful manner such as name calling and personal attacks. When someone finds it necessary to attack a person's character or knit-pick such things as typos, it is a pretty good sign that it’s not a discussion that is about logical support for one’s position, but about disdain for those who have different thoughts and beliefs and dare to disagree with and challenge you.
    As for Mr. Cameron, his public use of the F-word only shows his lack of class and inability to express himself effectively, both tragedies of titanic proportions...what good is all that money if you can't buy either of those. I have seen the "Anti-Christ" segment that has been distorted and repeated over and over by every liberal venue out has clearly been taken out of context and spliced and diced to feed the insatiable need/greed for sensationalism. Also, Glenn did not turn down Mr. C's challenge...I have seen and heard that segment also. I believe that those who say these things are "true believers" in every sense of the phrase of whatever it is they believe. However, if they had actually seen these shows instead of relying on “mis” information from blogs and "pulp-fiction", they could have saved themselves a lot of emotional/mental energy, angst and fist shaking.
    For those of you who want to bring the name of Jesus into this (when it’s convenient for you): He did not say, nor does it say anywhere in the New Testament, that it's okay to lie about anything or anyone or to slander another person. (In Koine Greek, which the N.T. is written in, slander means to defame or speak evil of someone.) However, the Bible does clearly state "let no foul or polluting language, nor evil word, nor unwholesome or worthless talk (ever) come out of your mouth." Ephesians 4:29 (Amplified Bible) It also has some harsh words for those who wish someone dead, even if they have only said it in their hearts or minds; they are just as guilty of the sin of murder as if they had committed did it physically. How many times did we hear or read that someone wanted to or should kill President Bush? If you are going to assassinate Glenn Beck’s character for what you read/heard about him from others, second hand, why are you not willing to do the same with James Cameron and a host of other flaming liberals? There were also those in the New Testament who required that others live by a standard that they weren’t willing to live by themselves…they were the Pharisees and Jesus called them hypocrites and “a brood of vipers!”
    FYI—When children are intolerant of the opinions and beliefs of others and/or use demeaning names and words, it is obvious to most people that their behavior is emotionally immature and inappropriate—and they would probably experience some consequences for their bad behavior. When we consistently see this type of behavior in an adult, it’s called narcissism and, it seems to a growing trend today. Narcissism says, “I’m superior, so I’m right. You’re inferior and stupid, so of course you’re wrong and you need me to save you from your poor, stupid self.” Narcissists believe they are wisdom personified, that they are clever, superior, above the rules, always right and should always win. They are usually articulate, charming, and knowledgeable and movers and shakers…when we first meet them. But, should we fail to acknowledge and/or feed their great need for praise and affirmation, cross them in any way or tell them “no”, heaven help us because “hell hath no fury like a narcissist denied!” This is when we will meet the real narcissist: the vengeful bully who keeps score of wrongs done and plots how to get even, for years if necessary. For them, life is serious and competitive and losing is not an option…if we don’t play their game, their way, they will "take their ball and go home” but not before they have pegged us in the face a few times with it (not literally…usually). So, just how do people get to be so superior? Well, narcissistic (self-centered) parents beget narcissistic (self-centered) children and, after all, children learn what they live. Because narcissistic parents have very little or no empathy for others and haven’t really grown-up themselves, their children repeat the same developmental pattern of becoming emotionally stuck in one of 2 of the 8 stages of human development: Toddlerhood or Teenhood, which, as we know, are both extremely ego-centric. This "arrested" cognitive development prevents them from becoming self-aware, or, realizing that they and others are not objects but people with feelings that are to be respected—this understanding (called Personhood) is where a conscience and the ability to care about and show empathy for the feelings of others begin to develop. A healthy conscience and the ability to care about ones self and for and about others are prerequisites to becoming an adult. Adulthood is when a person has developed the mindset in which they accept full responsibility for what they say and do—they are a thinking, capable, independent, self-motivated and self-regulating human beings who care about the feelings of others. Sadly, a narcissistic person never becomes self-aware nor so they develop a healthy conscience or empathy for others. Because they aren't able to separate who they are (a human being) from what they believe and do (a human doing), it feels like a personal rejection whenever someone disagrees with them...believing they've been rejected, they are quick to retaliate with personal attacks, even becoming emotionally, mentally and even verbally abusive.
    Any comments should be kept very simple cuz I'm really s-l-o-w...

  • rita hogan says:

    glen beck is the smartest on t.v

  • Frank Arrick says:

    viola... thank you for blogging about this. You make me easy today... 🙂