Watch the Best Werner Herzog-Narrated Film Ever Made About a Plastic Bag


That headline, while technically true, perhaps undersells the wry, entrancing joy of Plastic Bag, a short film directed by Ramin Bahrani (Man Push Cart, Chop Shop) and indeed narrated by the legendary German auteur. It may not be without some precedent, but for sheer intelligence, wit and ambition, the 18-minute movie handily blows the "plastic bag" sequence from American Beauty out of the water (no pun intended; you'll see). Click through for the full video.

If the trajectory of a grocery sack in love with a woman, summarily abandoned, repelled by a dog and two horses ("Monsters, be gone!"), in a short relationship with another bag, and launched on a quest for "The Vortex" doesn't sound like your idea of a good way to burn off a portion of your work day, then of course you'll still do it for Herzog. And the score by Sigur Ros's Kjartan Sveinsson. And the cinematography by Bahrani's ingenious DP Michael Simmonds, who is the Mauro Fiore of capturing the dynamics of plastic-bag movement and light. And the whole inspired metaphor about pollution and the indestructibility of modern materials. Just trust me.

Michael Bay be damned -- I say convert this to 3D, and let's put it in theaters. Anyone have $1.8 million lying around?

[via Cinematical]