Late Night Highlights: Letterman Kills a Cooking Segment While Sofia Vergara Kills Gerard Butler's Pride

Who cares about watching an unrecognizable chef toss up some scallops on a late-night show, even if Tom Cruise is there to laugh maniacally in the background? No one, which is why most Late Show viewers probably checked out before David Letterman joined Jamie Oliver for one of the most unfortunate cooking demos in recent memory last night. That segment, as well as the other highlights you missed last night while canceling your Discovery Communication channels, after the jump.

5. More Awkward Than an Awkward Pause

Most Late Late Show guests feel at ease with CBS's Scotsman host. But not Jay Baruchel, Ferguson's How to Train Your Dragon co-star, who rambled on about mobster cats, penis tattoos and snake piss just long enough to qualify the interview's awkward pause conclusion as the most enjoyable moment of the segment.

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