Let Mike Tyson's Pigeons Win You Money!


When you heard that former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson would be racing thousands of his prized pigeons for an Animal Planet reality show, your brain probably switched into concept overload mode after visualizing the Hangover star fist pumping as winged vermin flapped through quotation marks and exclamation points in your mind. Once you regained consciousness, your next response was probably something along the lines of, "But can I make money off of this?" After the jump, Movieline explains how you can make a killing before Take on Tyson even premieres.

In response to PETA's pleas that Taking on Tyson is "knocked out of production" to prevent illegal betting on the pigeon races, Bookmaker.com has set up a completely legal forum for all of your pigeon gambling needs. In a press release sent to Movieline yesterday, Bookmaker.com proudly announced:

Well now fans can make a bet that'll count. CEO Mickey Richardson and his team at Bookmaker.com, one of the leading sportsbooks, have put together odds on whether the network will listen to its critics and pull the plug on the show. And according to their odds, PETA should spend its efforts elsewhere as it seems like the show is a sure-fire go!


Yes, show will be cancelled [sic] +200 (31%)

No, they won't cancel the show -500 (83%)

If you're as excited about Mike Tyson's pigeon-racing as Movieline is, you will throw down that $25 per diem (which is also the maximum bid allowed) and enjoy the wrestler's personal tour of his pigeon paradise below. If pigeon-racing isn't in your wheelhouse, please note that Bookmaster.com also allows you to legally bet on your favorite American Idol and Dancing with the Stars underdogs.


  • Pigeon racing is a great sport and hobby that can include the entire family. It teaches nature, responsibility, craftsmanship just to name a few. Pigeon fancier absoluelty adore their birds, everyone seems to have their facts mixed up when it comes to pigeons and pigeon racing. We have a great group of fanciers at http://www.pigeonracingpigeons.com who will all tell you the same thing. Pigeon racing is a great sport and has been around for ages.

  • Janie Steinberg says:

    Pigeons are sweet birds and I have about 150 of them also. I don't race them but just enjoy watching them fly around the area; they are rock doves and are a sign of peace. Can't wait for Mike Tyson's show to air on TV and I will be a regular viewer. Sure hope it helps more people to realize how gentle and innocent pigeons are and how they trust humans. Homing pigeons are remarkable in their ability to come back from great distances at breakneck speed.

  • I Love Mike Tyson , and I also Love Pigeons - I Have 6 Rollers and 13 Homers as I have just gotten back into the hobby along with doing fostercare with a local rescue here in minnesota our family rescues american pitbull terriers with http://www.midwestanimalrescue - I'm like mike , get along with pigeons better than i do people -- would love to have some Mike tyson Birds in My Loft -- " Hey Mike Got any Birds You'd Like to hand down to a guy just starten out " Mike Tysonrocks !! Peace , Mike spiegelberg ( Fridley, Minnesota )