Popeye 3D to Revolutionize Lifelike, Action-Packed Spinach Consumption

It's a widely held belief that if Robert Altman had only been able to produce his much-maligned 1980 adaptation of Popeye in 3D, the legendary filmmaker would have truly realized his vision for the monoeyed, bulging-armed, spinach-gorging sailor of comics and cartoon lore. Now, 30 years later, the technology is here, and it is on.

Sony Pictures Animation will move forward with the project, produced by Avi Arad and likely to be written by former trade journalist and admitted Popeye junkie Michael Jones. Log line is under wraps, etc., though look for the new technology to break new ground in the ways the heroic sailor squirts gulps of spinach through the air and swings mightily at archnemesis Bluto. No truth to the rumor that the texture and trajectory of Wimpy's cheeseburgers will be borrowed from last year's Sony hit Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs, though the MPAA ratings board has no doubt already warned that any continued pipe-smoking abuse will face an R-rating. Fascists.

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