Padmania Returns as Top Chef's New Location is Announced


The seventh season of Top Chef takes place in a brand new location, and the view from the balcony looks nothing like the Fontainebleau resort from Miami or the hot-dog-cart paradise of New York. Instead, Top Chef is taking our palette-slathering Padma Lakshmi obsession and bringing it to a different kind of cityscape, one that may remind you of a more dubious Bravo franchise.

According to The Washington Post, Top Chef will start filming in Washington, D.C. next month. The D.C. area provides grounds for past contestants Bryan Voltaggio, Spike Mendolsohn, and Carla Hall, but the city has yet to produce a winner.

Now, onto the tough questions: Will the Salahis interrupt a taping and announce that the first challenge involves feeding uninvited rich people on the go? Andy Cohen, don't make us watch what happens.

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