Late Night Highlights: Jay Leno Channels His Inner Indian and Jimmy Fallon Finds His Best Rockapella

If you're anything like me, you've spent the last few sleepless nights wondering, "What ever happened to Jay Leno's Green Car Challenge Course?" You know, that multi-million dollar track constructed for NBC's primetime experiment so that stars like Tim Allen and Rush Limbaugh could race eco-friendly cars in figure-eights for a segment that no one in America cared about? Jay Leno finally addressed that concern last night by revisiting the immaculately-maintained course for a pre-taped sketch in which the Tonight Show host abused cowboy and Indian stereotypes. That gem, as well as the other moments you missed last night while tweeting your unwanted opinions on health care reform, after the jump.

5. Johnny Weir's Tonight Show Debut

How many times can Jay Leno say the word "flamboyant" in one interview? Watch the clip below and see, as the Tonight Show host addressed claims that Weir is not "family friendly" enough for the Stars on Ice Tour by goading the athlete into discussing his humble background in rural Pennsylvania. As the Olympic figure skater tells it, one of the biggest bummers about growing up in Amish country was that he was not exposed to Whitney Houston until he was twelve years old.

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