EXCLUSIVE: John Corbett to Movieline: 'Seriously Though, I Am Not in Sex and the City 2'


For months, John Corbett has been denying that his Sex and the City character, Aiden Shaw, would be making a surprise cameo in the franchise's second feature film. Diehard Aiden fans reluctantly came to terms with the idea that the sexy, bucket of chicken-eating craftsman would not leave his wife and child for Miss Bradshaw, and slowly began piecing together their broken hearts and dissembling their "Aiden + Carrie 4 Ever" vision boards. But last week, Entertainment Weekly stirred up hopeful feelings when they reported that the furniture designer would appear in Sex and the City 2. Confused, Movieline decided to get to the bottom of the rumors once and for all and discovered that John Corbett was only too happy to help.

During a conversation with Movieline this afternoon to promote The United States of Tara's second season (premiering tonight), Corbett revealed that he too had seen the incriminating Entertainment Weekly article.

"I know! When did that come out? Recently? Yeah, if you go online you'll see that they've been saying that for months and months. They have a picture of me from Istanbul years ago and they just say that I was in Morocco shooting the sequel so I don't know who is blowing that stuff up."

Not quite satisfied with the answer, Movieline pressed on, "So one hundred percent you are not in Sex and the City 2?"

"One hundred percent," laughed Corbett. But even if the franchise has buried Aiden in an old Manolo Blahnik shoebox, the Tara star will never get sick of being recognized as his Sex and the City character: "People are so nice to me. There are a lot of worse things in the world than being recognized for being on a TV show that people liked."