Gabourey Sidibe Told in TV Debut, 'You Can Either Be Fat and Jolly, or a Skinny Bitch'

Showtime has debuted the trailer of its upcoming "Weeds but with cancer" dramedy, The C Word, and it afford us our first look at 2009 breakout Gabourey Sidibe in a non-Precious context. Might even arch-nemesis Howard Stern find something to like in this clip?

Sidibe was originally cast in a guest star role for the Laura Linney vehicle, but not only did producers bump up her involvement to full-time, but Showtime ad wizards are leaning heavily on Sidibe's presence in the trailer. At first blush, the character has more of Sidibe's real-life spirit than Precious did, though there's enough attitude to her portrayal that cancer-stricken teacher Linney tells her witheringly, "You can't be fat and mean, Andrea. You can either be fat and jolly, or a skinny bitch. It's up to you." I'm assuming that Howard is the latter.

VERDICT: How Laura Linney got her groove back, with the help of Oscar's favorite new ingenue. OK, I'm in.


  • ArthurG says:

    Looks like a basic formula approach to programming, a bit of Breaking Bad terminal cancer leads to life reevaluation, plus some over-idealized Hospital "care"-based antics, some idealized teacher/student relations, and the suburban neighborhood "other" of Weeds. No matter, love Sidibe.