Did John Corbett Just Lie to Movieline?


Not cool, Corbett. So not cool. After the United States of Tara actor assured Movieline yesterday that his beloved Sex and the City character Aiden would "one hundred percent" not be appearing in the franchise's second film, a new SATC2 trailer premiering at the ShoWest convention has confirmed otherwise. In the film clip, Carrie happens upon Aiden while in Abu Dhabi with her three gal pals and wonders aloud, "We bump into each other halfway around the world? That means something." [HuffPo]


  • Martini Shark says:

    C'mon, do the math. Sex and the City - 2, they "accidently" across the globe and her reaction is "That means something.", and Abu Dhabi is "The City"? I'm certain I would not admit to being in that either.