Buzz Break: New Eclipse Poster Reveals Most Awkward Threesome Ever


· Hey, it's the new poster for The Twilight Saga: Eclipse! Did Taylor Lautner just get back from a Caribbean vacation or something? Dude is like John Boehner-level tan.

· Did Zuleikha Robinson accidentally let a secret slip when she revealed the last name of her Lost character to Vulture?

· The next film from James L. Brooks, the Reese Witherspoon dramedy How Do You Know, is set for release on December 17.

· Maybe don't go up to Jake Gyllenhaal in a bar and say loudly, "Isn't that the guy who killed Heath Ledger?"

· Jackass 3-D's potential was fully realized when Chris Pontius strung a toy helicopter to his penis and made it twirl around. Cinema!


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