New Moon Scene Deleted For Obvious Reasons


We trust your weekend was filled with round-the-clock home-screenings of New Moon, during which you swooned 'til the wee morning hours to the gender-indeterminate dreaminess of above-the-title sparklepire Robert Pattinson. But if you never made it to Walmart, you can still enjoy some of the DVD bonus features -- not the revealing commentary by Taylor Lautner's abs, unfortunately, but rather a deleted scene, which has found its way onto YouTube.

In it, vengeful vampiress Victoria (Rachelle LeFevre, who'd later be disinvited from the franchise to make room for Bryce Dallas Howard) drives a car along a gorgeous, green-screeny Washington State backdrop, reminiscing at length about the love games she used to play with Cam Gigandet's character until she literally bores a guy in the back seat to death. Chilling!


  • Shamus Greene says:


  • metroville says:

    That scene will be huge in 1940s' Italy. They love terrible-looking background plates.

  • lucas says:

    snore is right. clearly they were going for the 'show don't tell' on the whole love thing and getting around a trackable scent blah blahbut that scene was rightfully deleted. and that actress is hideous. She makes sparkle boy, mopey girl and the abs master junior look like Oscar contenders.

  • VoV says:

    It's truly hard to judge a deleted scene sometimes, especially without music. With the right music, this scene could have been 'OK', but it's true LeFevre wasn't exactly delivering a Shakespearean monologue there ...

  • Gonzobot says:

    You're debating the artistic merits of the part of the shitpile that wasn't shitty enough to be piled with the rest. Why.

  • ashley says:

    that scene should have made it to the movies i dont see why it didnt

  • dengjie says:

    so happy to watch the movie
    Chinese girl

  • Well only time will tell I guess, we shall see how accurate your comments are!