Hollywood Ink: Salvation Army Enlists Jennifer Connelly (Among Others)


· Jennifer Connelly and Greg Kinnear have joined the cast of Salvation Boulevard, with Marisa Tomei in talks to join them for the story of a hippie-turned-born-again-Christian on the run from the congregation of his megachurch, to which the ex-Deadhead poses some kind of threat. Pierce Brosnan, Jim Gaffigan and Ed Harris committed to the film previously; George Ratliff (Joshua) co-wrote and will direct. Praise the Lord, etc. [Variety]

Rebecca Hall throws Will Ferrell out, two-thirds of Team Antichrist contemplates a reunion, and more Hollywood Ink after the jump.

· Rebecca Hall will star opposite Will Ferrell in Everything Must Go, about an alcoholic man who, after losing his job and his wife (Hall), takes up residence on his lawn while selling all his possessions. "Sounds like a Raymond Carver story," you say? Well, it is! Dan Rush adapted and will make his directorial debut with the project. [Variety]

· Anyone who's seen Antichrist might have a hard time imagining Charlotte Gainsbourg working with brutalizing filmmaker Lars Von Trier again any time in the next, oh, ever. That first impression makes the sketchy report that they'll join up for his Melancholia all the sketchier, but if you like your grains of salt on the large side, then this should make your day. [/film]

· Jessica Chastain has joined the cast of The Fields, in which she'll appear as the homicide-detective ex-wife of another homicide detective played by Sam Worthington. Both are hunting killers in Texas in an attempt to save a street kid. Ami Canaan "Daughter of Michael" Mann is directing. [THR]

· Hot Tub Time Machine's burgeoning cult-classic status notwithstanding, MGM remains about as desirable a brand as asbestos right now. Bankruptcy looms. [THR]