Celebrity Apprentice's Rod Blagojevich Makes a Subliminal Play For Your Heart

Celebrity Apprentice's two-hour run time is chock full of... well, lots of things, since it's two ridiculous hours long. But its most awe-worthy attribute is former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich's unrelenting narcissism, and his ability to speechify like a South Park politico caricature. In between claiming his innocence (to no one in particular) and breaking from confessionals to shake hands with people on the street, Rod enjoyed one spectacular moment of self-aggrandizement that you may not have noticed -- unless you read into his sudden interest in balloons.

In this week's challenge, the celebrities helped reboot Kodak's "Kodak Moments" campaign by arranging an event space where incomers could take pictures and meet famous people. Blagojevich, who'd gained a sudden interest in balloon colors, offered the following insight on his team's decorative subtleties.

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"Look at that goldenrod, see? They have yellow, we have goldenrod."

"We were really excited that the 'yellow' color of the balloon was actually 'goldenrod', and not yellow, because that's the color of Kodak."

"You like that goldenrod?"

If you're Rod Blagejovich, certain turns of phrase appeal to you because they're punchy and memorable -- and maybe able to help resurrect your guttered, completely deserved reputation. I wouldn't be too surprised if "Golden Rod" became his nickname in the competition. It's catchy! It's cute! It's also really grating. The other competitors seemed wary of his sudden obsession with color -- note Sinbad's tone at the end -- for egotistical purposes alone.

Or was this a harmless coincidence, and Rod is just a softy old balloonatic? Ah, Rod! So golden in your sinister phrasing.